Hydroster was established in 1945 as the manufacturer of ship’s ropes. The company is situated in Gdańsk.

From the middle of 1950 s’ the company under the name HYDROSTER has being specialized in production of hydraulic equipment and machinery designed in majority for shipbuilding industry.

In 1999 Hydroster was transformed into private limted company. The development of large scale services is a new direction in Hydroster activity.

In connection with it the company has changed the headquarter from the city center to Gdańsk Shiprepair Yard „Remontowa”S.A site to be closer to the new customers.
At the moment company employs 210 people.

Hydroster consists of two plants: one in Gdańsk and another in Prabuty.

The basic scope of production includes:

  • Piston steering gears of rated torque up to 6000 kNm,
  • Rotary vane steering gears (in co-operation with Hatlapa from Germany),
  • Watertight and shell doors,
  • Hydraulic cylinders for marine and land applications,
  • Screw pumps for shipbuilding, oil and chemical industry,
  • Low speed hydraulic motors for mining industry,
  • Hydraulic drive and control according to customers’ requirements,
  • The full range of services covers:
  • Overhauls of marine and industrial hydraulic machinery,
  • Installing services,
  • Modernization of hydraulic drive equipment,
  • Completion,assembly, testing of McGregor cranes,
  • Maintenance,inspection and overhauls of industrial lifting devices,
  • Machining i.e.: rolling ofdetails Ǿ680mm up to length 3000mm; milling; grinding of shaft, beds of machine tools, plates, frames; honing of holes up to 315mm and length 1000mm; treatment of teeth on hobbing machine, milling of worms,
  • Electroplating treatment/covers Cr; Cr + Ni),

For its products Hydroster ensures warranty and after sale service.The company has the chain of authorised services centres . Hydroster products might be produced according to rules and with approval of all worldwide Classification Societes. In 1995 Hydroster has implemented Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard,approved and certified by GL and PRS