“It is an important day for all of us: thanks to the collaboration between the institutions and our company we can launch our giga yachts”. This was said today in Livorno by Paolo Vitelli, president of Azimut Benetti, during a press conference to present the return to the “Mediterranean” floating dock, with reference to the upcoming launch of the 3 jig yachts built in Livorno.

“We have also made a strong contribution to the city – continued Vitelli – for the re-commissioning of the area of ​​the basins: it was a conspicuous investment, for the moment all on our shoulders, which allows us in the short, with the launch, of to maintain the commitment we have made with our customers, and in the medium term to create a new work center for Livorno that we hope will become the most important in the Mediterranean for the repair and maintenance of large yachts and the maintenance of medium-sized ships dimension”. The Benetti Shipyard asked local institutions for support to proceed from the coming weeks to the launching and installation of three giga yachts over 100 meters in length (the first launch is scheduled for December 18 in a closed-door event) that after four years of work and huge investments for new infrastructures, services expansion, with about 800-900 people employed and over 5 million hours worked, they will receive their water baptism. The setup and testing phase of the three giga yachts will involve about 300 people per boat for a period that varies between six and seven months from the single launch. The Benetti Shipyard guarantees from now on that all the works, the ground accommodation, the facilities and equipment to support the activities and the work of the workers, will be absolutely temporary and removable and that, under no circumstances, will they be able to alter the status of places. Therefore, they will not hinder the tender procedures for the concession of the entire complex.